Examples Of Gender Disparity In Public Management

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Research Proposal Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management Faculty of Commerce Date: 12 June 2017 Author: Tressy Togarepi E-mail: tracytoga@gmail.com Phone: 0773465049 1. Title Gender Disparity in City Leadership: Overcoming Barriers 2. Introduction Over the past years of public administration, curriculum and textbooks have overlooked minorities and dismissed contributions that reflected women’s experience. The later 1900s brought heightened sensitivity of these issues to the forefront, with shifts in public opinion producing the equal opportunity initiatives and job protection laws (online Wikipedia). Gender disparity is still at the fore even at such a time when the field of public administration faces a…show more content…
3. Problem Statement Professionally trained leaders are crucial in the operation and management of Government entities. This is true with respect to local government entities where city managers are situated at the top of the organizational hierarchy. However, these senior management positions are dominated mostly by males whereas females represent just a small percentage of the positions. I propose a detailed analysis of barriers, and possible solutions, women and minorities face in becoming city managers. More specifically, the following research questions shall be addressed: 1. What barriers are responsible for the underrepresentation of females among city managers? 2. Are there solutions to barriers hindering women’s career advancement? 3. Is there a relationship between professional qualifications of city managers and the city leadership positions? Hypothesis . There is no relationship between professional qualifications of city managers and the city leadership positions . There is a relationship between professional qualifications of city managers and the city leadership positions. 4.…show more content…
The research will therefore be restricted to the two Local Authorities in Karoi. The research shall be conducted using a survey of randomly selected women in leadership positions, women who are not in leadership positions, both men and women with college certificates and without college certificates. 7. References Aguado, A., & Frederickson, G. H. (2004). Gender and careers in city management: A case study of the career paths of one department’s MPA graduates. Manuscript. Bayes, J. H. (1991). "Women in public administration in the United States". Women & Politics Bledsoe, T. (1993). Careers in city politics: The case for urban democracy. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press. Burnier, D. (2005). Public leaders are gendered: Making gender visible in public affairs leadership education. Journal of Public Affairs Education. Burns, R. (1980). Breaking down barriers: Women in urban management. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. D’Agostino, M. J., & Levine, H. (2011). Women in public administration: theory and practice. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Hines, D. A. (2010). Re-emphasizing employee development in public

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