Examples Of Gender Equality In Sports

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Rachel Feggeler DE English Michael Edwards 22 March 2018 Separate but Equal Over the past two hundred years, women have gained a great ordeal of rights, but for no legitimate reason women still are not treated equal to men. As an example of this gender inequality is the unequal pay for the same job. According to a study done by the Contently Foundation, “Women get 10% less than men in the public sector” (The Guardian). Another example that most people do not think of, where there is discrimination, is sports. Sports is a large component in this gender inequality that has existed for eternity. To eliminate the stereotypical thoughts in the minds of society, women and men should be able to play on the same teams, athletes should stop being judged by their gender, and people should treat female sports as important as men’s sports. The issue with women’s sports being treated less important than men’s sports is that…show more content…
Women play the same sports or comparable sports as men, yet when we think of soccer most people imagine males running up and down a field instead of women. The Superbowl, for example, is known for having the “best commercials of the year” the “best halftime show” and it is a sport played by men. When the NCAA has its annual College Basketball Tournament “March Madness” people place bets and make brackets to see who will win. When the NCAA College Volleyball Tournament has its finale only the volleyball fans know who is even playing in it. Most people would say the reason these sports are more popular is because they are just more broadcasted sports. This is not an excuse, all sports should be broadcasted the same amount. Why would a channel broadcast any if they are not going to broadcast all of them? Sports should be treated the same throughout television to help society root on the sports that get

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