Examples Of Gender Inequality

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8.3 Major key determinant of inequality existed all around the world
Sustainable development and empowerment of women can be ensured through education and patriarchal psychology, which is the barrier in the way of enhancing their economic, social and political status. Some factors such as traditional caste based attitude, gender insensitivity, illiteracy, lack of training of the marginalized women at the grassroots and the prevailing patriarchal tendency and gender segregation etc. have contributed towards the course of marginalization of women who belong to the deprived sections of the society.
There are various most important key determinants of inequality existed in the society between man and woman, thereby women are still lacking and far behind from man in each field especially in the political arena. These issues and challenges depict in the chart mentioned below.
Figure 8.1 Major key determinants Now there is a question that how we can come out from these determinants or there should some mechanism that helps us to remove the disparity persistent between man and woman. A woman must get equal opportunity to participate in political affairs, but before providing the equal opportunity it is important to strengthen the women and enhance the mental and physical capability of them. Today government of every nation has facilitated the women with various laws and polices, and now this the time to make responsive to the women towards their equal precious rights. This

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