Examples Of Gender Inequality In Culture

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In simplifying the meaning of culture, we can easily describe it as the way people live their lives. Culture consists of different elements which help to group people into specific cultural groups. These elements include values, beliefs, customs, language, rituals, art and the way people dress. With regards to these elements each culture is different (Malik, 1996). I belong to the Cape Coloured culture and even though the Cape Coloured culture is used to generally classify coloured people, not everyone in the Cape Coloured culture has the same system of values, beliefs, customs, rituals and so forth. Cape Coloured people are of mixed race and are generally bilingual with regards to English and Afrikaans (Marais, 1939). This paper will show that there is gender equality and inequality in by culture by looking at gender equality and inequality in the household, religion, education as well as the workplace. I will also be discussing the negative and positive implications of gender inequality in my culture. There is mostly gender inequality in my culture but in certain aspects there is equality to a certain extent. There…show more content…
This is the way it should be in society as well but even laws are bypassed by the government this is not enough to changed societies view on gender roles (De Matos Ala, 2012). This paper has examined the negative and positive impacts of gender inequality within the Cape Coloured culture. Based on what has been discussed we can clearly see there is more gender inequality in my culture than there is equality. The fact that there is some equality in the Cape Coloured culture shows that it is developing and that sometime in the future gender inequality might be eradicated all together as women are becoming more independent and are close to being seen as equal to
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