Examples Of Gender Nonconformity

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Reflective Journal Set B
Name: Hon Kwan Yuen, Kelvin UID: 3035190969
1. Why do you think people make a big deal out of gender nonconformity? How do you think you would feel if you happen to also experience a nonconcordance between your mind and body? Gender nonconformity means that a person’s gender expression does not fit the social expectation or the gender norm regarding their assigned or biological sex. People react vigorously to gender nonconformity may be due to their perception of binary sex and gender and their negative feelings to people who do not fit in the gender norms.

Firstly, many people are not custom to a continuum of sex and gender spectrum and mixing up sex and gender together. While they cannot find a place for the people with gender nonconformity in the binary gender system, man or woman, people would be confused by them and treat them as abnormal. Therefore, the people with gender nonconformity apearing in the public would be escaped from, discussed, dispised or other unfavorable treatments.

Secondly, gender norms nowadays prevails that it creates gender roles and assist the society order. When new concepts that would disturb the original order start to emerge and go into people’s mind, people will be frustrated and difficult to react. In that sense, people of gender nonconfromity cannot be fit in the traditional binary gender system and the society has difficulties to handle a spectrum of sex and gender identities. Therefore, people and
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