Examples Of Gender Objectification

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Nivea’s Advertisement – Gender Objectification
Gender is the differences between males and females culturally and socially. The difference was found in the meanings, beliefs, and practices associated with ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’. Objectification is a process. This process is an individual treat some people as an object instead of human being. In our culture, mostly women have treated ad their object from the past till now. For example, in the past, women are not allowed to work and study, they are only an object to help to do cleaning and give birth. Even nowadays some rural area still used women as an item of trading. In today’s world, most of the culture support patriarchy system. Patriarchy system is a hierarchy system political, cultural and economic structure are controlled by men. While the opposite is a matriarchy, a hierarchy system that women rules the world. From this two concept, our culture had automatically set what men and women should do. These have led to gender inequality, stereotyping and so on issues.
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Women were treated as an object of male sexual desire rather than the whole person. Women objectification showed through media, such as advertising, magazine, poster and so on. Women were judged by men through media or publicity such as beauty contest. Moreover, women were placed in the plastic surgery reality show and judge whether she need plastic surgery or not.

We choose Nivea’s advertisement as our advertisement to talk about women objectification. The reason we choose this advertisement was due to the advertiser had brought out the issue of objectification. In the advertisement, there is a lot of scene showing woman body part, such as half naked when she bathes, her boobs and so on. The way that showing woman body part linked to sex. A woman in the advertisement was treat as a sex object to seduce the

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