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Sociologists when discussing socialization are speaking of the norms and ideologies of society. The expectations of behavior in general society are the following: good behavior and common sense. The behaviors of society vary based upon religion or beliefs. Gender socialization is the process in which people see each other. This socialization starts as early as when you are still in the womb. To understand gender socialization as it relates to department stores I visited three local stores and searched one of the popular children’s store online to get a feel for how society displays and pushes gender socialization. When I visited the local Target store on Tuesday, February 27, I noticed as I was circling the children’s clothing section that the organization was mixed into each other with both genders side by side. Such as there was a styling table to show off the options of two different outfits one being for a girl and one being for a boy. If I didn’t know what boy and girls’ clothing styles came by then it would you like you could mix and match the two styles. The clothing that was styled for a boy or girl in some areas were noticeable however Target does carry some unisex options the colors in this field are basics like white, gray, light simple colors that you can see both wearing. Light blues and yellows are…show more content…
The second you head over to that isle you can see toys organized by item. For example, having a doll isle then on one side then the action figures on another. You see that as a child gets older the toys start to come as one gender or another there is not a unisex option other than if you get generic coloring books or old-fashioned puzzle games. As the kids are infant it’s standard leaning toys. Part of the gender role in kid’s toys are to be blamed on the consumers and brands. You expect that hot wheels, nerf, and Pokémon are intended as a boys’ product. And on the flip side barbie, Disney princess for

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