Gender Variation In Classroom Discourse Essay

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Gender Variation in my classroom discourse.

Now a day, Education is becoming in one of the most crucial factors into an individual’s life where the society points out how someone behaves, acts and relates with others. It shows how talented and wise a person is. Into a classroom, there is a wide diversity among students where teacher should take advantage of it and might learn to manage it, understand it and respect it because learners come from different personal and cultural backgrounds. When a teacher comes in a classroom, he is getting immerse into an environment which its reality sometimes can be a big challenge to work with.
One of the most difficult challenges that a teacher finds in a classroom is when he asks the class to get in groups to work but most of the students don’t obey, don’t follow the teacher’s instructions or even they don’t listen what they have to do. So, those things are part of the gender variation and class discourse because if a teacher goes deeper he is going to realize which one works better if men or women and who is taking seriously his instructions.
The gender variation and classroom discourse are focused on how teachers and students interact with one another, it’s the way how they use the language to talk and express themselves when they agree
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In addition, it is a good strategy to set classroom rules in order that respect will be given anytime and be mandatory for everybody. Through this, there will be safe classroom environment where students and teacher enjoy staying there, feel comfortable sharing thoughts, ideas, experience and exchanging knowledge. Because one student can be good at speaking, but another student can be good at another

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