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Global urban challenges: The case of Dublin Stefanie Deasy 17357736 1. Introduction This exercise is based on material from the Planetary Urbanisation course. You may choose any global urban challenge and explain what the nature of it is (1-2 sentences). The broad outline of your essay (1-2 sentences) and the conclusions you will draw should be introduced here. I have been studying the Planetary Urbanisation course for the past couple of weeks. The global Urban challenge I have chosen for this assignment is the pollution of the environment. The basic health and well-being of the inhabitants of the Urban World is being robbed as a result of unregulated environmental pollution and shrinking green areas. Pollution is worse in urban areas…show more content…
Which causes health challenges in urban areas. A European Environment Agency report last November rated the UK the second highest in Europe, behind Italy, for deaths from nitrogen dioxide. Air pollution is worse in urban areas, because there are more people, more vehicles releasing Co2 and shrinking green areas. (by Berger, RE; Ramaswami, journal). The second type of pollution is water…show more content…
(From Gale Virtual Reference Library). There’s also soil pollution which goes hand in hand with water pollution. Urban areas have the potential to pollute water in many ways. Caries oil, runoff from streets heavy metals, rubber, and other containments from automobiles. Poorly treated or untreated sewage can be low in dissolved oxygen and high in pollutants such as chemicals and bacteria. Pollution is a bigger issue in urban areas because there is a larger density of people, meaning more waste and more vehicles meaning more co2 and other gasses. Another pollution issue in urban areas is noise pollution. Even though we can’t smell or see noise pollution, it still affects the environment. Noise pollution can happen in many ways, for example the sound coming from planes, industry or other sources reaches harmful levels. In an urban area there would be many loud noises because of so much going on, for example horns from a car and

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