Examples Of Globalization And Diversity Antinomical

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Are Globalization and diversity antinomical?

Since the beginning of globalization, wherever we travel in the world we have a great chance to find the products that we like to use or eat back home. This is surely a good way not to feel disoriented when going to visit another country but it does raise the question of the loss of cultural diversity. Due to its marketing power, American products are taking over the local tastes and the demands, pushing the establishment of a global culture reliant on technology and focused on consumerism while also creating an everyday dependency to English as international language. Therefore, the thought of globalization threatening the cultural diversity is legitimate.

America owns extremely influential cinema and television networks (according to its own website, Disney Channel alone has more than 600 million viewers worldwide) and it is said those have helped create a greater uniformity of international tastes, aspirations and demands (Panic, 2011). People all over the world now desire the same products, the same tastes. As Levitt (1983) said, the world is driven to a converging commonality that will result to a standardization of products. We all know that McDonald’s bestseller burger, the “Big Mac”, tastes the same in France or anywhere else in the world, or even Starbucks’ coffee that will have the same taste also to please customers who want to be able to drink the same coffee wherever they are. Food became uniform, and this is part

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