Examples Of Globalization In The Movie Lion

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The movie “Lion” follows the story of a A five-year-old Indian boy who gets lost on a train, taking him thousands of kilometers away from home. After trying to survive alone for a while he gets sent to an orphanage and subsequently gets adopted by a couple in Australia. After twenty five years of getting overwhelming flashbacks of his past, he sets out to find his lost family. Globalization contributes to many of the outcomes in his life. The forces of globalization are also present in many aspects of the film. One of the forces of globalization that can be seen in this film is transportation. Forms of transportation could be cars, people, camels, planes, trains and so on. Transportation has had both negative and positive impacts on Saroo’s…show more content…
Another force of globalization present in this film is communication technology. Saroo goes through a major change in his life after getting adopted. Getting adopted into a wealthy family meant that he didn 't have to struggle anymore. His new life gave him opportunity and a chance to be someone. With that he got access to many things, one of which being the internet. When Saroo decided that he wants to find his long lost family, the first thing he turned to was the internet. The internet is this generation’s number one source to get information quickly. He used google maps to track down his home based on past memories. Even though we see him give up after a while, he goes back to it and within a few minutes of clicking randomly, he finds his house. This shows how technology has made life alot easier and more efficient. Without these advances in technology, who knows if he would have found his way. Communication technology has also contributed to Saroo’s adoption. Adoption from a foreign country happens almost completely through the internet. That 's how a couple or a person gets in touch with the a kid’s parents, or whoever is caring for the child, to organize the adoption. This force has mostly brought good to his life and eventually helped him find what he was looking
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