Globalization Infrastructure

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Abstract Globalization infrastructure Global information systems infrastructure is becoming one of the important strategies for any company plans to achieve the success in the business market. For example, a famous successful business such as Amazon website, which designed in the U.S. has to ensure that their computer hardware, software, electronics, connecting to the internet, communications technology, e-commerce and all kinds of e-services are appropriate for international customers. So a major factor complicating the issue of IS development and its success is the globalization of companies. In this paper I will illustrate the major processes of designing, developing, and implementing global information systems. In addition declare…show more content…
Secondly is the design of the solutions, in this step the company have to create an interface and local gateway configuration, working with different levels of functionality, delay indefinitely, develop with a few committed participants, highly centralized technical solutions and consider phased design. Our example SAP have observe that they have to delay indefinitely to acquire the customer need to avoid any error for the other support companies, avoid the loss of autonomy, and to get enough time to study all project sides, in addition, they design common interface which support a different level of functionality. Also they are working to develop with a few committed participants and highly centralized technical solutions. So mostly this step is the most difficult between all steps and the correct design of the GIS strategy will achieve the success for the global information system for the company and that’s why SAP since they put in them account the future expand and technology development. Moreover, the implementation and development stages which perform based on the design stage. Final step is building and development (coding, testing and maintain) the strategy of GIS which focusing on…show more content…
Let’s take Microsoft as an example of the success GII and illustrate how the global information infrastructure for the company is supporting the design, development and implementation of GIS processes. Since all three process have many challenges while it apply these processes, the GII component will support the GIS for the company through the GII components. First component is the technical one, the technical components will support the design process. Let’s take two challenges which make problems for the design process. First challenge was the diversity of systems, the GII solved this issue through design a common interface getaway for all service and consider different levels of functionality to acquire all the company services aspects another design challenge is different abilities of participants, the technical component of GII supported using consider phased design. Second component is the people, as an example is no technology to build a system to satisfy identified needs at level of the GIS and it solved through the people component at GII when they delay the identification and increase the study of new challenges. The implementation processes also supported by the process component through applying infrastructure

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