Personal Narrative: My Goals In High School

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Starting off my list of goals I want to start by finishing my school year out strong and work to my best ability to accomplish them. An example of a goal I have is to make it on the all A honor roll for all four quarters, and to receive the scholarships that I applied for. Other goals that come to mind is getting into the college I applied for, and sustain a high GPA to accomplish other goals at college. With these goals I have set for my life ahead, it will help me work to my highest potential. Another goal I have is to be a great leader/ role model for not only my family, underclassmen, but my community. Being a leader now will help me show my family, underclassmen, and community that I work hard and that things don’t come easy. I am always willing to help out and make a difference in my community. Having set goals makes me want to work harder, and also making me realize the road will be hard. But with the work ethics I have that I’ve learned throughout high school, and will continue to learn in college will help me accomplish these much easier. Other goals that I will have is to help my family with their goals. Helping family and friends is a big part in this world today. By helping my family and friends they will help me…show more content…
There is always someone watching and they can tell who the leaders are and who are the people who don’t care. I have been a leader for most of my life. My parents always told me that if you are a leader and you do the right things people will follow you because they want to be like you. Being a leader in my community has shaped me to be a kind and understanding person. Leadership is given to those who put in the work and to those who have earned it also. In my time of this wonderful community I have learned a lot about leadership. I am a leader in all my sports activities and also a leader in my school t0o. The teachers can see who have put in the work and they recognize who want to be
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