Examples Of Gods And Goddesses

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Gods and goddesses are often pictured as greater, higher, and a perfect image of humans. They are responsible for everything seen and experienced all around the world. They give life and meaning to everything humanity does and they believe in their gods’ influence on the world. Gods help humans understand their environment and their significance in the world as conscious beings in a world full of possibilities. Gods are favoured and inspires many. Although the Olympians were gods, they had very human flaws and frailties such as jealousy, cunning, and manipulation.
Firstly, one common flaw shown amongst the gods was that of cunning. The definition of cunning is someone who uses deceit to achieve their own goals. An example of a cunning god is Eris, goddess of quarrels. Eris was not invited to a wedding feast on Mount Olympus and out of spite, she placed a golden apple with a phrase so well crafted it caused discord between Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena who were invited to the wedding feast. She was cunning and successfully deceived the 3 goddesses into fighting with each other for the apple destined for the most beautiful goddess for her own pleasure. Eris is the goddess of discord so it is not surprise that someone like her does not regret using such sneaky and selfish actions for her own gain. Another example would be Zeus, god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. There are many stories of Zeus having multiple affairs with different women behind the back of his wife
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