Examples Of Good And Evil In Beowulf

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The battle between good vs. evil in Beowulf is portrayed through Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon which helps us get a better understanding of the good and evil. The poem Beowulf does a very good job in representing good and evil. We get to see how they take action and in some way how good always wins. Also how a religion was extremely important during this era. Loyalty is shown as well it proves how not everyone has your back. The importance and pride that warriors take on their duty and reputation. Beowulf is an optimistic poem with heroic and evil figures who shows us the super natural events. Grendel is a monster who stays near the grand hall where Hrothgar is the king. “A powerful monster, living down in the darkness. Growled in pain impatient as day after day the music rang.” One of those days king Hrothgar holds a large feast to celebrate the grand hall he had just built. Grendel was near the large feast who caught his attention some of King Hothgar’s were having a conversation that did not please Grendel at all”Conceived by a…show more content…
A couple of years went by of Beowulf’s reign when a dragon threatens the peace of the kingdom. The dragon was mad because it had a cave which he stayed in but that cave was special because it had a treasure left there by an ancient civilization. One day a slave or warrior found the cave and stole a cup as an offering to his lord. “They lay where the dragon left them; it had flown in the darkness once before fighting in the final battle.”(61) The dragon woke up and found that the cup was missing from his treasure. The dragon began to attack and destroyed Beowulf’s great hall. There we have another battle good vs. evil by this time Beowulf is probably very old but hell do anything to protect his people. They fought to the end final Beowulf had won the battle “rings and necklaces, Ancient, harmmered armor and all treatures were taken.”

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