Examples Of Good And Evil In Macbeth

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Dariusz Sleszynski Mrs. Rafacz World literature Block 8 5 January 2016 Good vs evil Many characters convince others to make bad choices. We are all capable of doing good and bad things. Accordingly to the story Macbeth by William Shakespeare, at the beginning Macbeth is a heroic soldier but later on he turns out to be a tyrant. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is a honorable, respected character. He starts out as a brave, heroic soldier that fight for his country. Everyone including king Duncan respects Macbeth, and also Macbeth shows a lot of respect for others. Therefore, later on in the play Macbeth becomes corrupted by his thirst for power, and soon he kills many people to gain and keep power. For instance, lady Macbeth convinces

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