Examples Of Gothicism In Sir Dominick's Bargain

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Throughout the Gothic texts we have read, I have been able to analyze how Gothicism relates to fear and anxiety. The story, Sir Dominick’s Bargain is a great example of Gothicism. The anxiety that is accumulated by the main character throughout the story gives the reader a glimpse of the great depths of Gothicism, and the dark, hidden meaning that directs the story. Sir Dominick’s mysterious encounter with the gentleman and his approval for a bargain that will last seven years shows the desperate attempt to obtain all the riches he craves. Another example is the story, Shalken the Painter, where Le Fanu combines fear and horror into one story. In the story, Carmilla, Le Fanu portrays the relationship between a vampire, Carmilla, and her close friend Laura. However, besides their close friendship, Carmilla is described as being very secretive and having very deep desires to have control of Laura. The village itself is Gothic, “overlooks the silent ruins of the town.” (Le Fanu 275). The setting of the story takes place in a town that is pictured as isolated and dark. This foreshadows what will happen throughout the story and this setting helps the story progress and have interactions between other Gothic characters. The life of the main character is seen as one that was sad and very lonely, “My life was, notwithstanding, rather a solitary one.” (Le Fanu 276). This is a Gothic element of the story. This helps the reader understand who the character is and how her past has
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