Examples Of Government Surveillance Of Privacy

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The United States, like other countries, has found itself constantly in a battle to keep safety within the nation. Leaders of countries often find that there is a constant threat to their society and people; this sometimes can come domestically, from within the country, or foreign, outside the country. While the definition of a government is to protect the governed, there is always a controversy about how much protection should occur within the country. Surveillance within the country is generally via the internet, and citizens often feel like their privacy is being taken away. Advancements in technology has often been a culprit in allowing those who are threatening us to succeed. There are various opinions of the American protection agencies. Some examples include there not enough surveillance for the amount of threat, that the amount we have currently is enough, or that there is too much surveillance and that their rights are being lost. Tensions between these two ideas often makes it difficult for the government to take action. An example such…show more content…
Andrew Lam claims that “privacy is dead” and the expectations of Americans towards things such as airports, or internet watch is already as low as it could be. Also calling this the “new normal,” Lam says that being heavily monitored, especially being a foreigner, is the natural thing and that we almost do not think twice about it anymore. Declaring the simplicity of the fact that, today, we have no rights anymore, however it’s necessary. (6) This idea can also correlate to the standard that the United States has reached its limit, and that if it increases its surveillance anymore, it will lose its basic foundations. In other words, that there is no room for there to be more patrol than there is currently, this opinion is less common, and more of neutral, close- minded

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