Examples Of Grace Fort Peacocke

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On the other hand, Grace Fortescue, Thalia’s mother, is innocent in the Massie Case of 1831-32; contrary to many beliefs. First off, it was merely Grace’s “motherly instincts” to yearn for Justice of her raped and beaten daughter. For example, as it states in “The Massie Case” by Rich Budnick that, “Darrow said Mrs. Fortescue “acted as every mother would act…And here she is in the courtroom, waiting to go to the penitentiary.” Representing that Grace Fortescue only had the intentions of revenge and justice; not initially planning to murder anyone. Additionally, Grace Fortescue is not guilty due to the fact that she didn’t shoot Kahahawaii’s body to begin with. For example, I quote from Budnick that, “Someone fired a single shot into his chest.
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