Examples Of Greed In Dante's Inferno

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Dante’s Inferno is a work that shows a definitive interpretation of what sins are hell worthy while also laying out what is religiously considered a sin. By “hell worthy” I simply refer to the writer's ability to demonstrate his contempt of certain souls sins and even to an entire circle as we journey through hell alongside Dante. Some of what Dante sympathizes for is somewhat of a surprise especially as we approach sins Limbo, Lust, and Greed. We see all from sympathization, understanding, and mourning from Dante as we are guided through these sins. Although it might initially appear on the surface as though the souls sentenced to this eternal suffering are all deserving but we soon find that Dante doesn’t feel this way. We see mourning for…show more content…
Limbo in Dante’s thoughts consist of classical poets who suffer only mildly but eternally for something that is beyond anyone’s control. Dante sympathizes for these souls acknowledging that they don’t quite deserve to be there yet he still understands the sin they have committed. In Dante’s day an unholy life, be it one without God or Christ is one spent alongside the devil. It was either one or the other and to live without belief is to have committed a definite sin. These classical poets were mere examples of what a person who has neither denied or accepted God will suffer in the eyes of the people of Dante’s day. In the case of the video game all technicalities are simply looked over. Classical poets are only briefly mentioned among many others born before Christ as an intro to the circle in less than a minute. The truly horrifying aspect of Limbo in the video game was the unbaptised babies. Covered in blood and crying these babies depict a whole other side to the idea of a sin committed beyond the soul's control. These babies were never baptised in the fault of their caretakers but no fault in their actions. The idea here is the sudden change in sympathization for two different characters. One for poets another for babies. In the modern society we take it too a lot less seriousness to not have integrated religion into our lives through choice but the blame factor of not giving a child the chance to integrate a religion into their lives is frowned upon. A restriction such as refraining from baptising your child can ring up guilt and sympathization for those found in this video game
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