Examples Of Greed In The Olympic Games

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Overwhelming Greed in the Olympics

With millions of dollars at stake hosting the Olympic Games, the bidding to be selected has never seen such a large pool of countries. Big and even small countries alike both have the chance to rake in a bountiful profit by hosting the two-week long sports extravaganza. However, the chance to host the games is being damaged by greed because International Olympic Committee (IOC) members expect bribes, local Olympic Bid Committee members cannot seem to resist the temptation to provide them and in the end the Olympic Games are corrupted. The Olympic Games are an outstanding sporting event that has brought people and countries together since it was reborn in 1896, with what we call the modern Olympic Games. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French aristocrat who is the founder of the International Olympic Committee and considered the father of the modern Olympic Games, once said, “The important thing at the Olympic Games is not to win but to take
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The answer lies in two decisions the International Olympic Committee, known as the IOC, made 1981 and 1983. The first change the IOC made was to change the eligibility rules for Olympic athletes. Before 1981 only amateur athletes could compete. With the inclusion of professional athletes in the 1984 games, Baron Pierre Coubertin idea of “struggling well together” was an idea of the past. Professional athletes brought professional money into the games through endorsement dollars. This change had an unbelievable turn for the Games because attitudes were transformed. All who participated in the Games before 1981 were working-class people. They would come to the games and live with all the other athletes in the Olympic Villages. The different countries mixing and finding their commonality and brotherhood was gone when endorsement dollars and professional salaries could provide nicer

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