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Green marketing, in another words as sustainability marketing differ from the conventional marketing as it consists of marketing products and services based on environmental factors or awareness to reduce production impacts to the environment (Bueckner 2010). There is more than one explanation that defined Green Marketing. Here, the term “green” is referred to purify as in quality of the productions and fair as well as in dealing. The organization that participates in such concept makes decisions and manufactures throughout the entire process of production levels, for instance the methods of producing, packaging and distribution. There are many companies nowadays practice green marketing in their business model to be more compatible with the…show more content…
In the recent years, there are negative backlash from consumers towards the conventional marketing strategy in which making concerns on its production impacts on the environment. For this instance, the critical of marketing’s environmental impacts included the use of excessive and non-biodegradable packaging such as plastics and placing small products in large parcels (Knowthis.com). Hence, the continual development of resource consuming products and diffusion of wasteful methods such as outdoor billboards and direct mails also increase the criticisms from the consumers towards its production impacts on the environment. As so, “green marketing” is introduced by the marketers that are not only intended to appease critics but also benefits the organizations on taking potential business…show more content…
By employing green marketing, holistic approach is required at which referring to the impacts that affect product and services manufacturing, distributing as well as marketing that included pollution controlling, raw materials supplying and more. Besides, ecological approach is about the organization managing practices cautiously in its products and services to reduction of natural or renewable resources as well as lessening the environmental impacts (2013). It also differ as both conventional marketing and green marketing are relying on its supplier network on the functionality and quality of products and services, but the green concept will force its suppliers to going green in order to increase the environmental sensitivity (Linking Sustainability

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