Examples Of Grendel In Beowulf

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When Grendel last words “Poor Grendel’s had an accident . . . So may you all” . These words are used as a curse because just like Grendel suffered from an accident everyone else will suffer to . For example , “It was an accident,” I bellow back. I will cling to what is true. “Blind, mindless, mechanical. Mere logic of chance.”(Grendel 173) . As Grendel dying he sees that all the animals that hated him gather around him to see him die and he is with anger . They just sit there and watch his mindless , indifferent eyes , and midnight black that chasm below him . When Grendel is battling Beowulf he thinks that he can escape and that he is no match for Beowulf . For instance , “ His syllables lick at me, chilly fire.” (Grendel 170) . Grendel
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