Examples Of Grit In Othello

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Alyssa Loperena Ms Milliner EES21QH-02 1/16 Othello’s Grit and Mindset Grit is all about determination. The harder you work towards something, the most likely you’ll achieve it. Some people don’t have grit because they aren’t determined enough or motivated to be the best they can be. Angela Duckworth and the Research on “grit” is an article that has examples or grit. According to Duckworth, “Ivy League school - people who are not as bright as their peers ‘compensate by working harder and with more determination.’ In addition, their effort pays off: The grittiest students - not the smartest ones - had the highest GPAs (Paragraph 2, page 15).” This is Duckworth’s example of grit. The students who were more determined into getting better grades, got them…show more content…
Roderigo has offered money to Iago in the to believe that Iago is using his money to pave the way to Desdemona's bed. Which is nothing of Iago’s plan that is learned later. Roderigo wanted Desdemona. He would do anything for her because he was in love with her. He paid Iago to get Desdemona for him. Roderigo stated, “My money is almost is almost spent; I have been tonight exceedingly well cudgeled; and I think the issue will be ( Act 2. Scene 3. Lines 365-366)...” Roderigo was very determined to have Desdemona in his arms. He wanted Iago to get his job to get Desdemona as fast as he can because he was determined to have her. Roderigo’s mindset is very complicated to determine. Roderigo negative because he was only focused on having Desdemona no matter the cost was. Roderigo states, “Thou told’st me Thou didst hold him in thy hate (Act 1. Scene 1 Lines 5-6).” Roderigo didn’t care about anything besides his love for Desdemona. He was only focused on that. That is a bd way to look at life because if he didn’t get her, which he didn’t. What does he do then ? That’s a negative mindset because then he’ll be angry at the world if he didn’t get
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