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Insanity and paranoia is the result of a guilty conscience. Guilt can kill. Not only physically but mentally. Everyone in the world has the right to make decision. Whether they are intelligent or inferior. When someone make a poor decision there is always consequences. For example a consequence may be the feeling of guilt. The power of guilt can be seen many times throughout Macbeth. Three pieces of evidence of guilt in macbeth is after the unlawful murders he committed, hallucinating, and Lady Macbeth's sleepwalking scene. Macbeth had ambition to become king of Scotland, but this did not turn out positive for him. Duncan macbeth's first cousin became King instead, and Macbeth was one of his thanes. Macbeth knew that King Duncan was a good person and king. He has been doing everything right for Scotland. Macbeth had this…show more content…
Lady macbeth has gone crazy just like her husband. She can not become at peace. She can not sleep because Macbeth has taken sleep away. As lady macbeth sleep walks she has dreams of the murders that have occurred. Her guilt is dormant and expressed through these dreams. Lady Macbeth says “Here is the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten.”(v.I. 45-6). In this quote she is dreaming about the blood on her hands. She can not get the blood off or the smell to go away. Guilt was killing macbeth and his wife. In conclusion guilt played a major role in Macbeth. The theme of guilt is indicated by Lady Macbeth through her dreams and Macbeth’s internal conflict. Guilt can be a major feature in people’s lives.This guilt will haunt the characters of Macbeth. Guilt will be a feeling that last forever. It is the feeling of responsibility for this poor action that has been committed. Macbeth just wanted to become king and have the crown. He committed the murder just so he can feel good about himself. At the end he was left with

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