Examples Of Guilt In Oedipus The King

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Those who commit crimes are often victims of their own feelings of guilt and shame. After realizing one’s mistake, individuals begin to feel disappointed in themselves as they comprehend where they misled themselves when making their decisions (Wright, Kim and Gudjonsson 307). At times, criminals take their regret and anger on themselves through self-harm. Oedipus had done the same when he had used a broche from his wife’s dress to stab him in his eyes, he was not able to see what acts he had committed in his life so felt that hurting his eyes would relieve his guilt (Sophocles 61). Furthermore, it has been stated that “feelings of shame in response to committing a crime have been hypothesized to impede confession” (Wright, Kim and Gudjonsson 307).…show more content…
If Oedipus believed himself to be innocent to the murder of King Laius, he would not have cared what others thought about him or ever felt saddened that he acted inappropriately or even confessed to his wrongdoings. He was ignorant as he always believed himself to be better than others and have more knowledge as well. He desired to feel superior over others, making it difficult for him to understand the correct acquisitions made to him, regarding being the murder to King Laius by Tiresias (Sophocles 37). When the revelation and the statements made by others became reality, Oedipus was consumed with shame. Oedipus’s guilt is additionally an emotion felt after realizing the trick fate had played on him. He realized that he was no longer in power of his life and that his future had already been determined. Oedipus felt remorse as he was not able to change the outcome of his
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