Examples Of Hagony In My Childhood

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HAGONOY IN MY MIND One hushed starless, moonless evening I accidentally pressed a file labeled “All Time Faves” and, as a consequence,I found myself listening to the melodies of bygone days. The setting was perfect – rain drops pitter-patteringon the roof, alone in adimly lit room, mind gone vagabond and Shirley Bassey dramatically bursting her lungs out with her signature song, thedeathless “This Is My Life”, the battle hymn of in-denial people who put up a brave front to intellectualize their disappointments and miseries. In connivance with the sentimental mood, I allowed, nay exhorted my adrenalin to rush so much so that nostalgia started sweeping over me until I felt the urge to reminisce. Thereupon, Hagonoy, my hometown, automatically…show more content…
Some of those legacies are still alive, but sad to admit, many had either flatlined or about to. For all its shortcomings now (the emphasis is on now) Hagonoy is not bad at all for a birthplace. But first, don’t be confounded by the jumping tenses; syntax has nothing to do with it. It simply means that the ruminations and descriptions here may and will crosscut the present when and where applicable. Old Hagonoy! Hmmm. Where do I start? There are just too many memories detained in my heart’s forever section. Okay, here we go! SCENERIES Breath-taking was not exactly the adjective that described the sights in Hagonoy, but little less intense modifiers would not be unmerited overstatements. For instance, in the paddies that stretched to as far as the eyes could see, ripening palay (rice), swaying and sashaying as the wind blew, flaunted their green hues that were slowly turning into brown.Ripened, the palay morphed the paddies into interminable fields of dancinggolden stems, leaves and drooping bunched grains. Gorgeous, gorgeous

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