Examples Of Halloween Makeup Ideas

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5 Halloween Makeup Ideas to try this fall:

It 's October ! The enjoyably horrific Halloween is almost upon us and you can finally take a one-day break from being you and live out your favourite fictional character or a popular celebrity you simply adore. For all those who are determined to win the best costume title or put the jeepers creepers in this year 's Halloween bash; here are some insanely intriguing and easy DIY holloween make up ideas:

1. Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas:
Sally is the perfect blend of femenity and the walking dead, cute yet creepy and is an ideal look for those gals who want to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the spirit of Holloween. Want this look, here 's how you can get it:

To begin, apply a subtle turquoise color on your face. Use beige and light brown to contour. Then, use a black eye pencil to draw the stitches on Sally 's face. Once drawn; use a gel liner to go over the stitches to make them more dramatic. For lips, give your lips sally 's lip outline by using a cherry coloured liner. Then use a lip brush to apply red lipstick. For eyes, use a reddish-brown shadow to fill your eyebrows, then use a dark grey shadow to darken your crease. Then, apply eyeliner to your upper lash followed by a coat of mascara. Curl your eye lashes and place full lashes for a prominent look. Add some more mascara to blend in the fake lashes and voila !

2. Vampire:
The classic Holloween make up idea you can 't go unnoticed with

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