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Hamlet is staged almost universally in the world owing to its artistic elegance, organization, flamboyant characterization, well-nurtured and well-placed moves throughout the play, ever green character of Hamlet as the hero and finally , but not least, because of the questions it gives birth to i.e. if it embodies the true classification of revenge tragedy or even a Tragedy. That is why it is referred as a Shakespearian Problem play by some of the Shakespearian critics. However, a good majority of the writers accept this work as Revenge Tragedy in the truest definition of the term. This assignment is an endeavor to look into and analyze this masterpiece as a revenge tragedy. It is "essentially a tale of suffering and calamity conducting to death". (Bradley 7).
The outset of the work proclaims the “unnatural death” of the Late King namely Hamlet (namesake of son). Hamlet terms the condition as "something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”(1,4,30). Hamlet returns from Wittenberg in order to attend his father’s funeral and feels some “foul play in Denmark” and plunges into deep soliloquies sensing that his mother, who has just married King Claudius (the new King and Hamlet’s Uncle), is the “most treacherous” woman. Consequently, after two months of King Hamlet’s death, we have the marriage celebrations where Claudius declares that his one eye is full of hilarity and happiness whereas the other one is crying because of the loss of his affectionate brother and requests Hamlet to

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