Examples Of Hans Sacrifice In The Book Thief

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Hans Sacrifice Essay
What we value as humans is the people we would do anything to protect; most people would say our family, but does that mean we made sacrifices to care and love for our families? There are sacrifices that happen every day and is part of our lifestyle, but not all sacrifices are beneficial to others. Although with Hans’s in the novel “The Book Thief,” we read about how Hans Hubermann sacrifices his time to help with Liesel’s reading rather than sleeping. As the world knows its key to get beauty sleep because that’s what gives us the energy to live another day. Our sacrifices show others what we value, and what we value shows others what the sacrifices we have made to live our lives.
Hans as we know is a fatherly figure to Liesel and represents what a father is all about. He is a warm-hearted, affectionate, strong and compassionate foster father of Liesel. Death describing Hans by saying, “To most people, Hans Hubermann [is] barely visible. An un-special person. Somehow and I'm sure you've met people like this, he was able to appear as merely part of the background. He was always just there. Not noticeable” (Zusak 32). See what Death is saying here is that you may not see the hero inside of Hans, he may just look like any other man, but
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What Hans does every night shows us how much of a great father and a loving dad he does for his children. Liesel benefits from this because of the soothing of Hans taking away the nightmares and also it gives Liesel an idea of what a father really is and what they really sacrifice. Although fathers make sacrifices every day for their children, the usual fathers never wake up in the middle of their sleep to go nourish their children, but with Hans he is a different kind of person in that sleep doesn’t matter to him; what matters to him is his daughter and his loved
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