Examples Of Happiness In Station Eleven

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Station Eleven and I: What is Happiness?
Happiness is being around your self-chosen family with a career in a professional that simultaneously gives you purpose and help improve our society. It is the feeling of comfort and being considerate of others. The novel Station Eleven has many different definitions of happiness as defined by various characters within the book. The character, Jeevan Chaudhary and I define happiness very similarly because we prioritize similar things in our lives.
Jeevan finds happiness with his family.
I find happiness by surrounding myself with my self-chosen family. I spend 3 nights a week having dinner with my grandfather and aunt to catch up and enjoy their company. I make every attempt I can to spend time with my cousins, even though we all have crazy schedules. I have weekly hang-out times with my friend of nearly 14 years. I chose to come to UAH to be closer to my family, since my parents and I moved north when I was young. All of these habits that I partake in are because I find comfort, and therefore happiness, in being around these people. These people know me in a way that others will never know me; they have watched me grow and struggle into the person I am today, and they will continue to watch me grow as a human. Knowing that there is someone that knows you in this way just brings a sense of ease and happiness to your life.
Jeevan finds happiness through a career with a purpose. While Jeevan is a paparazzo, he knows that
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