Examples Of Happy Birthday Essay

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Birthdays are such an important occasion for most people. It is the day you were welcomed to the world as the human being you are. Your journey started the day. You have been developing yourself for this amount of years. It is such a cool celebration, actually. You get to gather people around just to encourage you and give you that push to keep you going much further in a path you have chosen to walk down. You get to have your loved ones with you, you get to be the center of attention and no one would have a problem with it. Brothers are annoying; it is unquestionable. They are demanding and lazy. However, you know that life would be much harder without them there adding fun and action to your everyday routine. You would not want to live without them but at the same time you cannot…show more content…
Happy birthday to my favorite brother in law. 17- You are my favorite addition to this family so far. Happy birthday to the best brother in law. 18- Happy birthday to my favorite brother in law. Cheers for more years to come with you taking a special place in our family and in my heart. 19- I am honored to have you as my brother in law, you are the nicest. Happy birthday, dear. 20- We might not get together a lot but every time I see you, I get more and more proud of my sister’s choices. Happy birthday to the loveliest brother in law. 21- I do not have much in common with you but we both love my sister and that is what matters the most and makes me love you so much. Happy birthday, dear brother. 22- Knowing that you are my sister’s husband, I can finally sleep with both eyes closed knowing that she is always safe with you. Happy birthday, brother. You might find it hard to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, but once a year you get the chance where you are face to face with the idea of making them happy and letting them know that they are loved, that is when you take your chance and express it
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