Hate Crimes In Soweto, Meadowlands

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My community problem is in relation to the hate crimes in Soweto, Meadowlands. A hate crime can be identified as “a crime , usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance towards an individual’s national origin, ethnicity, colour, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability” (, 2015).
Hate crimes differentiated from other forms of crime are unlawful crimes that are prejudice-centred towards a specific type of person(s). They also defined as message crimes, implemented as warnings to pursued groups. Examples of these crimes are racial attacks, sexism, arson, homophobia, rape, murder, harassment and hate speech etc.
Such misconduct is a direct infringement to numerous human rights listed in the South African
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“He allegedly fired at a group of people trying to rob his shop” (Anon: 2015). Despite obvious hate occurrences being witnessed by community members at large and media attention being received by the public as well, sound strategies to address prejudice issues have not yet been formulated by representatives of the government. In fact, (Anon: 2013), “there is currently no mechanism for reporting or recording hate crimes in South Africa in a way that distinguishes them from other crimes”. This raises multiple concerns about the state of safety of the nation, and questions the community policing department’s capabilities and whether it is there to serve and protect its people or not. It also re-introduces discrimination, a practice that existed in South Africa’s old…show more content…
These policies will serve to be the driving-force behind the prevention of hate crimes from occurring
Calls for intervention as a means to address hate crimes in South African communities have been set in motion particularly by the South African Crime Working Group (SACWG) and several governing bodies that support its initiative including the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa, the Centre for Applied Psychology of the University of South Africa and Human Rights First. In its report the SACWG proposed recommendations to the South African government, as a way to combat hate crimes. Some of these recommendations are as follows:
 For the President to establish a permanent body in the office of the Deputy President to ensure effective coordination of the various government department’s programs on hate
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