Examples Of Hate Crimes

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My community problem is in relation to the hate crimes in Soweto, Meadowlands. A hate crime can be identified as “a crime , usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance towards an individual’s national origin, ethnicity, colour, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability” (Dictionary.com, 2015). Hate crimes differentiated from other forms of crime are unlawful crimes that are prejudice-centred towards a specific type of person(s). They also defined as message crimes, implemented as warnings to pursued groups. Examples of these crimes are racial attacks, sexism, arson, homophobia, rape, murder, harassment and hate speech etc. Such misconduct is a direct infringement to numerous human rights listed in the South African Bill of Rights. Some of these human rights are namely the right to equality (article 1), the right to dignity (article 2), gender rights (article 8) and the rights of association, religion, language and culture (article 5). Under close scrutiny, with hate crime issues still lingering within society, South Africa’s legal system and ‘rainbow nation’ under new democratic governance are put on the spot. Hate crimes in Meadowlands (including neighbouring communities) are prejudice-driven by locals, for specific incidents, on foreign nationals for residing in a South African community to which they feel, ‘outsiders’ do not belong/fit. In an area where foreigners are unwelcome and where hate crimes are socially acceptable such biased

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