Examples Of Health Inequality

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PSY3008F Tutorial 1: Health Inequalities and Inequities

1. When does inequality in health or resources constitute an inequity?
In order to determine if an inequality can establish an inequity, there needs to be an understanding of the dissimilarities between the two terms. An inequality involves situations whereby differences between individuals, which can be considered as outside of ones control, place them at a disadvantage (Braveman & Gruskin, 2018). For example the elderly are biologically more at risk of disease than younger individuals (Braveman & Gruskin, 2018). In comparison, a health inequity is related to issues that can be avoidable and tend to bring up concerns associated human rights and justice (Braveman & Gruskin, 2018). An example of a health inequity would be how the economically privileged tend to have access to better health care than the poor (Braveman & Gruskin, 2018).

In relation to the question above, an inequality can become an inequity when an unavoidable health or resource issue creates a situation that can leave certain groups at a disadvantage (Braveman & Gruskin, 2018). For example the Cholera outbreak that is currently taking place in Zambia has created inequalities, as people living in townships are unable to access facilities that those living in city have, either due to lack of transport to the city or the lack of time to go there. And this creates an inequality as; people do not always have a choice as to where they can live (Van Schie,

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