Heritage Assessment

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Introduction Nurses use the heritage assessment tool to evaluate an individual in order to identify his or her personal needs based on his or her cultural background. To complete this assignment, I conducted a heritage assessment of three different families that are from three different cultures. For all the participants who participated, each participant recorded unique results from the rest of the participant. The results are closely relevant to cultural identification of each participant. The three participants were a 45 years old Haitian female, a 38 years old white female, and a 55 years old Indian female. The healthcare system is governed by the main goal of providing utmost care to the patient (Debiasi, 2017). To care for a family, the…show more content…
The heritage assessment methodology is very important in some significant ways. To begin with, the patients draw satisfaction from the positive results of the heritage assessment. Its use also results to patients being effectively cared for. When the care provider have the background knowledge of the culture of the patients, the patients is likely to receive respectful and quality care from the care provider. This is because the care provider will be aware of the specific values and preferences of the patient. The assessment gives both the care provider and the patient background knowledge on the linguistics and cultures in question. Care providers are able to understand various multidisciplinary policies, behaviors, as well as attitudes as a result of conducting a heritage assessment for a patient. With this information, care providers are better placed to provide diverse represented patients with cross cultural treatment of the best quality (Dennis, 2016). Given that the assessment provides the necessary background assessment, nurses can draw from it to provide quality care services to patients. Finally but not least, the assessment helps care providers understand the situation of patients which allows them to identify their similarities or difference in cultural practices, stress…show more content…
Their homestead constitute of a single room with other small houses surrounding it. Most homestead to not have access to running water, they dig up wells or use the river. According to their tradition, they build their restrooms and houses outside the main house. The geographical location of Haiti is predisposed to frequent earthquakes. As a result of the earthquakes, most Haitian residents have lost their homes and are forced to live in tents. The Haitians are susceptible to diseases like typhoid, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis which are as a result of such hardships (Felix perspective, 2016). The country experienced an outbreak of cholera back in 2010 which claimed the lives of about ten thousand Haitian. The country lacks adequate healthcare and its population is highly malnourished. The increasing numbers of deaths are partly due to lack or available clean water and

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