Examples Of Hero In The Outsiders

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In the novel “The Outsiders” It’s hard trying to live in a world greasers against socs. I believe the author S.E Hinton wanted us to know to stay golden as long as you can. Meaning stay the way you are and don’t change for anyone. In my eyes a hero is a person that risks their lives or does something nice for you. Whether it’s small or big anyone can make a change in the word being a hero. Being a hero doesn 't always mean you risk your life for someone. It can be something like a person getting out of their way to do something for you. In my eyes the hero of this novel is Johnny ¨Yes anyone could be a hero. You can think about it you just have to do what is in your heart to help.” (Robbins, what makes a hero) In the text “The Outsiders” it states an example of a hero “I had to they were drowning you pony!” (Hinton, 57) I think a hero in the text is Johnny I think he is a hero because he saved ponyboys life even though he ended up killing bob. “Johnny! I nearly screamed. What are we going to do? They put you in an electric chair for killing people!!” In that sentence Johnny had just killed Bob and and he hadn 't thought about going into that electric chair he just saw that Bob and the Socs were drowning ponyboy and did what his heart told him to do. Ponyboy was also very startled that Johnny would do such a thing. And was even more scared that they would kill Johnny for killing Bob. “I said we’re going back to turn ourselves in.” (Hinton, 87) Johnny was very brave in
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