Examples Of Heroism In Boatlift: An Untold Story

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He saw the smoke from a block away. It was thick and black. Like death casting his shadow over the streets. It made the air smelled of burning wood. Mason looked up and saw it. He had to help in some way. He was not sure he could live with himself If he didn’t. He started running toward the origin of the smoke. He pushed his way through the crowds and arrived at the burning building. The fire department hadn’t gotten there yet. The structure was made of red bricks and had a navy blue door. It was two stories tall with three windows on the top story and two on the bottom. Suddenly the right window broke open and a middle aged man yelled “Help, Please help.” Mason saw that he had a small girl in her arms. Mason instantly reacted. He didn’t…show more content…
An example of a hero is someone who does something when other won’t. An excellent example of this is from “Boatlift: an Untold Story” by Gillian Norton. It talks about on 9/11 how regular people helped other people escape Manhattan with their own boats. An example of these acts is this quote, “If it floated and it could get there, it got there.All different size, shapes and forms, and I mean they were zooming across this water. Ferries, private boats, party boats” (Nanton 5). All of those people didn’t have to risk their lives. The ferries, private boats, and party boats didn’t have to come. They all came because the felt they had to do something. They didn’t get paid; they didn’t get anything in return; the name of the story is called “Boat Lift: The untold story.” They step up when no else would. That is an act of a heroism and they are all…show more content…
A hero will not let someone suffer. They will always try to help someone anyway they can. They won’t just walk by someone in trouble and neglect helping them. No they would not. They would be the villains in the story. They would cruel and not caring about anyone ,but themselves. For example, the kids in the short story “The Man in the Well”. “Before we left that day, as we were rising quietly and looking at the dark shadows of the trees we had to move through to reach our homes, he said, "Why didn't you tell anyone?" He coughed. "Didn't you want to tell anyone?" Perhaps he heard the hesitation in our breaths, but he wasn't going to help us now” (Sher 5). They walk by him every day knowing that he could die and never told anyone. They are his murders. Not starvation, not anyone else, them they killed him. They manufactured his demise. They are not heroes, they are the

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