Examples Of Heroism In Into The Wild

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In the novel “Into the Wild” Chris McCandless is portrayed as a hero. Chris possesses many heroic traits but he lacks one very important quality. One of Chris's most heroic traits throughout the novel is bravery. Another one of Chris’s heroic traits is determination. The trait that Chris seems to lack throughout the novel is responsibility. Chris McCandless possessed many heroic qualities that are shown throughout the novel but due to those qualities he did not always make the most responsible choices.

The heroic trait that is most easily seen throughout the novel is bravery. Chris showed bravery even before he left for Alaska, when in high school he would spend the weekends delivering food to homeless people and prostitutes in the rough
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Throughout the novel Chris repeatedly did things that endangered his own well being. Even though it is illegal and even after he got ticketed for doing so, Chris hitchhiked across the country. Chris also burned most of his money along with his birth certificate and assumed a fake name while travelling. When Chriss’ body was found in Alaska, It took quite some time before he could be identified because he had not told his family where he was going and had no identification. Chriss’ lack of responsibility could have been due to his determination and bravery which would have made Chris throw caution to the wind more often than he should have. (Krakauer, 1997)

Throughout the novel “Into the Wild” Chris is shown to have many heroic traits. Chris’s most shown qualities are bravery and determination. Chris showed bravery and determination throughout his life, not just when he was in the wild. The quality that Chris seemed to be lacking the most is responsibility. Chris was not as responsible as he could have been when he undertook the challenge of getting to Alaska. Chris McCandless possessed two main heroic qualities, bravery and determination, and even though he was irresponsible in some of his actions he still managed to live a heroic
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