Examples Of Heroism In Julius Caesar

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Heroism is a very debatable topic in this day and age, I often find myself thinking, what truly does make a hero? I believe that in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Caesar himself displays the most hero-like qualities, above all the other characters. I understand that that seems like a very bold statement to make, so to prove it, I’ll have to answer the question I asked from before, what makes a hero? In my opinion, there are three distinct qualities that make up a true hero. The first is respect, all heroes are respected by the people, and even sometimes revered as idols. The second you can call whatever you’d like, bravery, courage, really all this one comes down to is the accomplishment of great feats. Finally, the last one, and debatably the most important, being able to go to any extreme, even self sacrifice, to fight for what you believe in. I know that you might think that there are a couple of people in the story that display these qualities to some degree, however I think that Caesar shows them more often and to a greater…show more content…
I find that respect isn’t something that is easy to come by, you can’t do anything to get respect, it’s something that is earned, yet Caesar still had it in spades. You can’t deny that throughout the entirety of the story he was always well respected by the citizens of Rome, even many of the people on the senate, especially Brutus. We all read the book, we saw how much the Romans loved their leader, and they did it because Caesar did what was right, and he did it all for Rome. He fought for them, he spoke for them, and in return they gave him their respect. In the story we saw that whenever he walked through town, he was surrounded by tons of citizens that loved him. Even when Mark Antony tried to give him the crown, He refused to take it because he felt he didn’t need to demand the public’s respect, he had already earned
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