Examples Of Heroism In Megamind

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Heroics in Megamind: Villian to Hero In Megamind the storyteller uses the plot archetype of good vs evil to reveal that we as humans will always have a good to face the evil in the world. This happens because there is always someone brave enough to fight for everyone no matter their past or if they were a hero or a villain. As the movie states there must be a balance in the battle between good and evil. In the beginning of Megamind, Megamind is a alien kid that looks way different than the other kids and got bullied because of it. This combined with the fact that he was raised in jail made his view skewed and he saw the world from an evil perspective wanting revenge on the ones who did him wrong. He becomes the villain and the also alien but normal looking and very powerful Metro Man becomes the hero countering Megamind and beating him every time they face off. This course of events happens until Metro Man realizes that he’s just going through the motions of life and isn’t really living. This inspires the idea to fake his death. He does this leaving Megamind to take over the city. After Megamind takes over the city, he goes on a joy spree robbing random places like banks and museums. Megamind is at his peak of happiness that he will get as a villain. After all, he beat his arch rival, he took over the city and he’s doing it with his best friend. In short time he realizes that it’s too easy now and that he loved battling instead of winning. He hit his low of the movie and

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