Summary Of John Milton's Paradise Lost: A Fall From Grace

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A Fall From Grace Bob Riley, a former Governor of Alabama, states, “Hard times don 't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero ' within us is revealed” (brainyquotes). In the epic poem, Paradise Lost, Adam is portrayed as the hero. After disobeying God and being exiled from Paradise, Adam is shown by Michael, one of God’s angels, what is destined for the future of humankind. Adam is then determined to restore his and the future generations to heaven. Eve and Adam then prayed and repent to God for their mistake, eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam is a hero because he takes pity on Eve and her fall from grace, because she was easily convinced by Satan to eat from the tree. Adam takes on the role of Eve’s husband, according…show more content…
He said they needed to stop blaming one another, they have to live their lives with that mistakes and make the most out of it. Adam remembering the prophecy, realizes that there is hope for mankind, through Jesus, the son, coming and bring salvation for humankind. He knew that they needed to pray to God and repent for their sins. He said that they should obey God and ask for forgiveness and repent. Adam explains to Eve where they should go to do so, What better can we do, than to the place Repairing where he judg’d us, prostrate fall Before him reverent, and there confess Humbly our faults, and pardon beg, with tears Watering the ground… (X.1087-1090) Eve and Adam then went to the place where they took a bite from the forbidden fruit. They both fell on their knees and started to confess their sins and asked God for his mercy and forgiveness. Adam is the hero in the Paradise Lost. He was considerate of Eve and her mistakes, and loved her no matter what. He sacrificed his sin free life to be with Eve, by taking a bite of the forbidden fruit. He fought for the redemption for the rest of the humankind. This world needs more people like

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