Examples Of Heroism In Tangerine

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In the book Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, a seventh grader Paul Fisher moves to Tangerine, Florida; leaving all of his friends and memories back in Texas. He faces multiple difficulties here and struggles to take a stand. He moves from school to school and has trouble making true friends. Most of all, he has to deal with his cruel brother Erik and Erik’s friend Arthur Bauer both constantly looking to harm Paul and many others in any way possible, but Paul is able to take a stand. It is said that Paul shows fear, but there is evidence that proves otherwise. One exap,le expressing bravery in the text is “Joey and I dug our heals into the mud about halfway down toward the bottom of the hole. We pulled and grabbed at kids as they made their way to the slippery incline to the top” Later on that day he…show more content…
I understood that I was supposed to be terrified by this spectacle-these two demonic creatures on this dark, lonely road. But for once in my life, I wasn't." This demonstrates heroism because previously, he would let fear control him. He is supose to be the one to control his own life, but he let Erik do that because he lacked confidence. As the book goes on, Paul starts to overcome his fears by confronting Erik and Arthur. He overame the fears that dominated his life. For once Paul wasn’t afriad, instead showing courage and bravery. Others might dissagree and say that Paul reveals fear because on it says “... I felt afraid for the first time, afriad that we might all get sucked down and drwon in the mud”, Even if Paul was sacred, he forgot about that and saved multipul kids from the sinkhile in this quote, “My glasses were so caked with mud that I couold no longer se anything clearly. I muyst have pulled twenty kids up befor I heard Mr. Ward’s voice…” Overall, there is plenty of evidence showing fearlesness from Paul Fisher in the
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