Examples Of Heroism In The Avengers

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Do you know what it takes to be a hero? There are many ways to be a hero. A hero is an ordinary human being that takes down challenges, only a few can. They are people who are brave enough to do what’s right, even when frightened. Wearing a cape and a mask doesn’t make you a hero, it’s all about character, doing the right thing without the thought of reward. Heroism is having the courage to do the right thing even when scared. For example, in the Hunger Games, Katniss took her sister’s place for the deadly and infamous Hunger Games. Katniss was horrified of the Hunger Games and wanted nothing to do with it. However, even scared witless, Katniss knew it was the right thing to do, no thought of reward or benefit entered her mind, but only the thought of saving her little sister. A quote from Maya Angelou about heroism is “ I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”. What she means is that heroes can also inspire and influence other people to the same. One deed is capable of making a big effect on people’s characters around the world. A hero is about being a good person.…show more content…
Such as in the Avengers movie, the Avengers didn’t sit back and watch New York getting torn apart by aliens, they stood together side by side and fought for the civil and the innocents. There was even a few who barely had any supernatural abilities, but didn’t care. They did not let that stop their goals and purposes. “A hero is ever someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”, quote by Joseph Campbell. The overall meaning of the quote is that they act for something that has bigger effect than that person. A quite short but meaningful quote from unknown is “In short, heroism means doing the right thing regardless of consequences”. Having the bravery to act with
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