Examples Of Heroism In The Crucible

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Mary warren does not show heroism in the crucible because she was not brave enough. In the crucible the girls and Abby where mocking Mary, and Mary could not take it anymore so she blames John Proctor of being with the devil. “I’ll not hang with you! I love god, I love god!” (Miller 118). Mary warren says this because she saw an opportunity to switch sides by blaming john so she would not hang. Another part in the crucible that Mary does not show heroism is when Parris asked her about the devil’s book that she mentioned. “My name, he wants my name. “I’ll murder you” he says “if my wife hangs! We must over throw the court” he says” (Miller 119). Mary says this because she is afraid that she might be hanged for lying as Abigail and the
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