Examples Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Heroism Isn’t it great when a character of a story puts himself in harm’s way to save others, and tricks the evil enemy to lead his whole crew to achieve their goals? Well, this is exactly what Odysseus does in the book “Odyssey”. Merriam-Webster says that heroism is defined as, “Heroic conduct, especially as exhibited in fulfilling a large purpose or attaining a noble end.” True heroism requires braveness, quick thinking, and leadership. In the Odyssey, Odysseus reveals all of the traits in the scene where he and his crew escape the Cyclops. Heroism is using braveness to defeat enemies, and persevering to achieve goals. George Washington showed his heroism in the cold battle fought in the revolutionary war when he demonstrated his bravery, leadership skills, and quick thinking. This battle that he fought in just proves his heroism. In it, he led his army in an icy cold environment, with few clothes, just to ambush the British secretly. He froze his butt off for his country. This battle proved that he was a hero because it took brave soldiers to go into that icy region at night, and it took even braver soldiers to survive. Also, the leadership skills it took to lead a whole army through that cold night like he did was heroic. Finally, the idea to ambush the British in the first place gives an idea of how …show more content…

People in the military have to make quick decisions on the battlefield all the time, and go into places that regular citizens are sprinting out of. When soldiers are put on the battlefield, they are always needed to make quick decisions when grenades are being hurled at them. Being a soldier takes bravery considering the fact that they’re always fighting people’s fears. Soldiers are also leading their team, some come on top, and some fail but if possible they get back up again. All these traits that people in the military are born with reveal their inner

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