Examples Of Holden Caulfield Anti Hero

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Holden Caulfield was portrayed as the anti-hero in the novel The Catcher in the Rye. A hero is someone who will do anything for a cause, and has a strong sense of morals that society agrees with. Holden isn't like everyone else; he smokes, drinks. Heros are very down to earth, and Holden is the opposite.Therefore, I believe that Holden is an anti-hero because he is not like hero nor is he like a villain. Some of the reasons I believe that Holden is an anti-hero are because he got kicked out of school because of his grades, he attacks his roommate Holden tends to dream of being a hero in certain situations, but when it is the time, Holden backs down, gets beat up, or avoids it altogether. For example, in chapter 13, Holen was walking back from
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