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Long Island Home Inspection Corporation
When you are looking to purchase a home and you need the experts to do your Home inspection; Long Island Home Inspection Corporation is your best bet. We do Commercial inspection, pre-listing Home Inspection, pre-purchase Home Inspection and handle Termites/Wood-destroying insects. Our unique approach to serve our clients has made us the model company for Home inspection businesses in Long Island. Each of our personnel has the requisite experience and certification to handle your brief in a very professional manner. Here are some of the things that make us tick:
We are NYS Licensed
You get Free Termite Reports
You get same day Reports
Free estimates and so much more
You can call us today or send us a
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An inspection gives the buyer a sound footing to know the state of the building while it offers the seller the advantage of putting the right value on his property. Any misstep in this area could prove quite costly and the erring party might have to bear the consequence for many years. A good home inspection is not just ideal; it is the wise choice for every…show more content…
A good home inspector gives you a thorough and unbiased analysis of your home. From experience, the most insightful homeowners lack the capacity to pick all the basics about a home. A good Home Inspector saves you the trouble and gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.
Would I be present when the Home Inspection is done?
It is not necessary to be present during a Home inspection exercise. However, it is highly recommended for you to be part of the process. This would make it easier to understand the written report and to gain firsthand knowledge on the state of the building. Also, you are able to ask questions in the course of the exercise.
Who hires the Inspector?
It is the client who engages the inspector that calls the shot. The reports obtained from each assessment are confidential and would not be given to a third party except by the written consent of the client.
What is the cost of doing a Home Inspection?
It comes down to the value and the nature of the job. It is important to note that top quality jobs save you huge costs at the long run. It is important to talk with the Home Inspector as the service you request determines the cost of the
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