The Importance Of Honesty

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Have you ever found yourself responding the first thing you have in mind, even though it’s kind of mean? Do you sometimes look back at the things you said and feel just a tiny bit bad? Congratulations, you’re a witty and sarcastic person. How do I know this? Because I’m just exactly like you. A person who likes to respond to other people using a hint of irony. I never thought of it as a bad thing, I rather enjoy hearing and using it. However, some of my friends and acquaintances did make remarks on my ironic tendencies and it made me self-conscious. I started to analyze everyone surrounding me. Can I use sarcasm with him? Can I use it with her? It made my life a kind of hell. Don’t get me wrong, I did know with whom to use sarcasm, or at least…show more content…
It is proven that those who use sarcasm are incredibly honest. They usually say that they are kidding, but most of the time they are not. In a way they use this as a method to protect the person on the hearing side. You are telling them the truth masked in a joke, which according to our social standards it makes it okay, because you are practically “joking.” So, personally, I would rather be surrounded by people who display my faults in an amusing way yet to my face, than to my back. It might not always seem that way, but perhaps sarcasm is more than just a defense mechanism. It’s a not intense way of telling people what they are doing wrong in your perception. If you don’t like the way someone laughs or runs, make fun of it and eventually they’ll get the gist. Sometimes they don’t get it, but I have learned that making fun of a particular trait that annoys you results in you actually enjoying it. You see, it becomes an inside joke, like my friend’s laugh. She likes to laugh in the highest pitch ever and it did bother a couple of my other friends. So, we made fun of it, a lot. However, instead of wishing that she stopped, we actually wanted to make her laugh because it made us laugh. It all resulted in uniting

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