Examples Of Honesty In Investigative Journalism

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Honesty in investigative Journalism
What is considered as being the heart of the journalistic enterprise is to report the truth. Journalists succeed to penetrate in powerful organisations only by posing, by pretending what they are not as well as to know what they do not. Honesty in investigative journalism is all the questions about what honesty requires in fact or allows journalists what to do. First of all, they should get their stories and secondly it is to communicate their stories. To consider more precisely what is wrong with lying is that for example if a reporter want to know what is going around only by observation. Let’s take a situation like the reporter is being attacked, he may disguise himself for instance in a white coat and a black suit or even in jeans and t-shirt.

The reporter would intend that people would make a false assumption. The explicit assurance of the reporter would invite people to believe what is false. Reporters thus, are giving that people the right to trust in him that he would take advantage of. Lies are considered as the most explicit form of intentional deception and the objective is to take advantage of the trust of another person. Telling of lies is also a justifying, rather than excusing. For instance, someone who is honest and perfectly cares about truthfulness can still rightly choose to lie in certain circumstances. It may happen that those people whom reporters take advantage can themselves be considered as not to be

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