Examples Of Honesty In The Crucible

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The Crucible was written in 1952 by Arthur Miller, the play delivers many messages and carries many themes throughout. Nearly every character in the play is put to the test to display an act of courage, weakness, or truth. Some characters lack these traits and never learn to have courage or display honesty. However, most characters are very courageous and demonstrate these acts throughout the whole play. Overall the theme of the The Crucible boils down to being about honesty, weakness, and courage. One example these actions being brought to life is on of page 109 when John Proctor tells Elizabeth “ My honesty is broke, Elizabeth; I am no good man”. This is quote has so much meaning because previous to this quote John had admitted to the court that he had had an affair with Abigail. By him admitting this he is putting himself in the state to be arrested for adultery, which would later lead to his death. Abigail had accused John's wife Elizabeth of being a witch in hopes that she would be hanged. Abigail did this because she loved John and she knew that if she got his wife out of the picture they would have a better chance of being together because Elizabeth had recently kicked Abigail out of their house in fear that her and John had something going on. John knew his actions were wrong and that if he …show more content…

This is also such an important and relevant theme because it is so commonly seen during The Crucible. One major action already brought up would be when Proctor put his life at risk by telling the truth in hopes to save his wife. Another major act of honesty would be when Abigail told Reverend Hale what they had been doing in the woods. She knew that they shouldn't have been doing that because it was connected with the devil and they could get in serious trouble so they had initially lied. It wasn't until later they the girls had finally come clean about what they were actually doing in the woods with

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